Brains, like eggs, are stronger after boiling

Trailer for the short film I`ll Be, currently at film festivals. Directed by: Oleksiy Buyanov, Music composed by: Richard Underhill, Produced by: Sibel Guvenc, Narrated by: Claudio Gaudio

Claudio Gaudio

About the Author

Claudio Gaudio is a Toronto-based writer.  His first novel, Texas, was published by Quattro Books, has been translated, in part, for an anthology in Calabria, Italy.  Texas was shortlisted in 2013 for the RELIT Awards. His work has appeared in ELQ (Exile Literary Quarterly), Rampike Literary Magazine and Geist, and has been reviewed in Descant Magazine. 

His second novel, I’ll Be, was published in 2023 by Guernica Editions, and is the subject of a short film by the same name awaiting release. 


Once fired, a bullet may lodge in the sinews, but we know from the spent cartridges most will succumb to gravity, no matter the skill or the gun’s calibration. A firearm is just one way to thin out a cafe, but the thought alone won’t break the skin or there’d be an ear on my plate and brains in my coffee. ...Read More

I don’t live in most places, but I’m sure that’s coincidence. It’s a short distance from the brain to the screen and back again, but who am I to decide between a man and his pixels. All as nothing, I am insofar as I am already semblance. Clearly, I am spectacular. If you hear weeping it’s the company I’m keeping, so said my mother… Read More

Go win this thing, Johnson told McNamara. That’s hard to do with aimless volleys and random sorties, replied the secretary. Fascinating, said Bob, but I will need a reference for that conversation. Regrettably, I had yet to construe a source for those statements, so I just cited all other presidents… Read More